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Hi all, all started last Monday. I was with my wife for the day to Stratford. She has 35 years, dying almost 6 feet in heels, with a curvy figure, long blonde hair, big round tits and a pair of long legs. She is always dressed to impress, and Monday was no exception. Black boots, a very short tartan skirt that barely covered the top of the incursions of his nude snaps, a tiny black thong and a sexy black top that free6 showed off her ample chest. Do you have a lot of attention as we walked through the shops, making fun of her a couple of guys in the shops of the bed, laying down, try the beds and give the seller an eyeful of stockingtop and ass cheeks. We were in a pub lunch on the river decided to jet home. Feeling hot antics the days when he stopped at a rest stop after 3 free6 truck and she was sucking my throbbing cock. After a few minutes I said to her, out of the car and walked behind the truck and looked at me and gave me a cheeky grin. Iwatched as she knocked on the door of the free6 first truck. She talked to the driver of a second and then turned to me. , I asked her what she said and she said when asked. Anyway, they had gotten their attention, watching the look in your mirror. We were behind his truck and she leaned over and took my cock and sucked me into the driver. I was watching, so I lean forward and pull the skirt, thong slide to the side and slide their fingers free6 in the pussy juicy while the driver looked in the mirror decided. This is too much and end up fucking in the car on the side of the road to go before the house. After this episode, we have free6 fucked every night and every night after the truck driver was the theme of 'role- play. ' Her eyes closed tightly as she imagined the driver fucked by cock hard in his cabin. This is basically where it all began.......... Tonight was a different story. went to Cheltenham, watch a comedy sas back at City Hall and on the way...... I went into a rest area behind two trucks. in a tight black mini in knee high boots and black stockings and suspenders. We left the car and had a walk along the dark, behind the truck, but free6 they had their curtains drawn. It was a little annoying, so I went behind her and started squeezing her breasts as I slid my fingers into her panties and wet. He played there for a few minutes before turning on her and slide my rock hard cock in her. complained loudly and after a few minutes I saw the curtain move in the cockpit. A little Spanish type, but looked out the window and saw me pick up my wife. It was not long until he left the door open and low. free6 He was rather short, with a mustache and looked like it was in the late fifties. He just came and stood beside me, staring at my hard cock in and out of my wife. I looked then moved to me and put a hand on free6 eachmy wife's ass cheeks and pull them apart, as if my penis is still a little more. My wife complained even louder when he free6 felt another man touching hands. A then moved his hand down towards her pussy, starting with two fingers and push down, knuckles rubbed against my cock as I pumped. ot long after I slid my dick out N and watched to see what to do. He immediately slipped two of his short stubby fingers in my wife, standing, still bent, hands against the truck. fingers faster and harder, leaning slightly forward and began to force his tongue into her ass. She loved the sound of it. A then shouted something ( I guess that was the name of their driving skills of friends) saw another man a little younger than it seemed just woke up to the open door. It was not long until he jumps up and begins to feel the stockinged legs of women, free6 while his older friend continued finger fucking disgusting. The young man was quicklyFreeing his hard cock, moving her face with her doubts about the reaction I got was that, but once he opened his eyes for a second and saw his hard cock near her face, she started starving, without a second thought sucking . This lasted for ten minutes or so, the boy took her hand and tried to take the cottage, the old man with his hands all over her ass and legs, as she took her in. I was jerks his cock for a few minutes and your package on it and once the air is clean, I was determined to climb into the cockpit to see what was happening. who had moved to the bedroom area behind the front seats, which was hidden behind a free6 curtain. I could hear moaning and I pulled back the curtain, the younger of the two between her legs fucking her like crazy to see. Her long stockinged legs in the air, closed with head back and eyes, while the greater freedom her big tits and she squeezed and started biting her nipples. I was almost running at the sight of two old Spanish dirty children, with my wife free6 and slide their cocks in their protection. knew that these guys are not the usual type of guy who asks, but she was loving being a dirty bitch. fucks guy muttered something in Spanish and then pull the tail and threw them in the face, then sprayed within seconds of hot cum on her face and tits, while the old man a big thick cock his pants and free6 stood between her legs. cried aloud as he plunged into it, stretched his range. It sounded like he liked the little old rooster, she, she screamed like never heard before, but did not last long as their tight ass cheeks and spilled his seed in her. We left soon after and I'm shooting almost all night.
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